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Raw Apple Bread

Do you LOVE bread? Do you feel you can never let go of pasta, pastries and breads? Are processed carbs the reason all your diets fail? Then you’ll love this
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My Gordons & Me | The China Study

It was a fun and enlightening time this morning as I was feeding the dogs. I’ve been reading The China Study and today as I looked at their bowls I
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Make It Monday | Creamed Spinach

Talk about a simple dish. This is perfect when you’re hungry and want something fast that’s got a kick of rich flavor. And the dressing is Oil Free! Enjoy! All
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My Gordons & Me Project – Quiet Mealtime

Tonight, for whatever crazy reason, I decided I would tackle Ian’s out of control excitement, crying and anxiety when it comes to meal times. I tried putting gates up so
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Dill Nut Cheese | Plant Based Raw

My Anniversary Month trip to Canada with my husband (of 19 years ?) was a culinary experience to remember! One of the highlights from our time in Vancouver BC was
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Looking back at Day 8 – Read The Labels

2 years ago today I had just returned from a Barn Hunt extravaganza trip up to Reno, NV with my oldest boy Nicklas who got himself his Senior title ???
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Happy National Napping Day – Gordon Style

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