Simply put, this quote, that popped up in my newsfeed today, is why I started #my87dayadventure.

“If you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

I’m not saying to DO what I did, I didn’t even know it would work for me when I began it LOL and I certainly didn’t have any kind of “forever” attached to it. Still don’t. 

Instead I suggest asking yourself the same 3 questions I asked myself before beginning: 

1. At the heart of it all, what do I really desire to have, do or be? 

In Life, in Love, in Finances, in Business, in any area that matters to you. 

2. What can I do to get me there, that I have NEVER done before? 

Be creative! Think outrageous! Multiple answers work too.

3. Am I willing? 

Am I willing to do something I’ve never done before? Am I ready to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone? Am I willing to making potentially major lifestyle changes that may make me uncomfortable?

If the answer to #3 is “No”, then stop right there. No point in moving forward as that only sets you up for failure. Understand though that it is now your CHOICE to stay where you are and NOT have what you identified in question 1 that you truly desire. 

This has been a 2017 standout ah ha moment for me. 

How to finally have, do and be all that I want. It’s not easy. Nope. In fact, doing what you’ve never done can be quite tough, depending on what answer you came up with for question 2. ? 

I’m a work in progress, not perfection, and I have tons of things I desire to have and do and who I am becoming is a never ending journey…the road is long but I’m glad to be on it and boy have the incredible results in such a brief period of time ever been worth it! 

I wish the same for you! Please share your thoughts ? or questions in a comment below! ☺️

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