Air travel puts a damper on my healthy eating plan. I always bring snack items – raw nuts, dried fruits, my water bottle and plenty of Youth Factor packets but once on board a plane and being upgraded to business class the “rules” go out the window and I make lousy choices. And boy do I ever pay for it. There is something put on airplane food, even the healthier no meat, no dairy dishes. Salads for that matter are suspect too!

I swear the food is fake. Even drinking lots of water, I get almost immediate headaches and can even end up rather sick with a full blown detox before I get off the plane. It’s crazy and I’m completely done with it!

I love the great tips MyDomaine shares in her blog about food prep for traveling. I think the key for me is to bring super tasty items like she does, that will travel well and still tempt your taste buds more than the junk food available on the plane. Check out MyDomaine’s blog here:

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