Arriving home I press the clicker to open the garage door and pull the car in...only to find this...

VW Parking Spot Garage Clean Up Project

…nowhere to park the VW.  

My husband is doing this on his day off, a project of his own making.

I am completely innocent! No ‘honey-do’ list here! 🙂 

When you have Skincare products that show such amazing visible before/after results I’m always looking for creative ways to show the ‘after’ with our Wellness products. Stories work best but today you’re in luck that you get a picture to go along with it! 

All day, non-jittery energy coupled with solid sleep gives you a body and brain feeling great, having focus, clarity, energy, being in harmony and choosing to do a project that most people wait until their moving day when you are forced to pack up, lol. Right?? 🙂 

One day I will get him on video personally sharing the story of the changes the Chews have made in his life but for now this photo will do quite nicely, I think. 

What will our lives and homes look like a year from now as we keep taking these chews? I’m sure curious to see! 

Some people experience results the very first chew, some it takes a couple weeks and some even a month – depends on how off track your own system is, or how much repair work needs to be done to bring it into balance. 

If you’d like to taste them for yourself, click here to request a free sample! 

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