I exercised my Freedom and Independence this 4th of July by getting ink stained fingers.

I chose to take a day off of everything else to hole up in the library with my yellow beat up folder filled with scraps of notes and half written attempts and even a few dog eaten pages (I can actually in all honesty say “my dog ate my homework!”) of my Vision Day.

Who knows how much time I spent as I refused to look at the clock, time didn’t matter as I was going to get this done! At some much later point after getting started I had 3 dogs laying on my papers, spilling my coffee, wiping slobber on my jeans– aka asking for attention. lol. But the FREEDOM I have to choose my life and how I spend my day….wow, I am so grateful!

10 1/2 hand-printed pages later (does anyone write in cursive anymore?), with plenty of notes added in the margins and a thorough double check, I called it good.

I FINALLY have my Vision Day written out! CELEBRATION! Joy, Satisfaction and Relief all flowed thru me.

Why am I so excited?

Well, you see a Vision Day is a specific day in YOUR future (some say 3-5 years) where you write out IN THE PRESENT TENSE what your life looks and feels like by journaling the day from rising to retiring. A day in your life when your dreams and goals of today have been realized. Getting it on paper and out of your head, is a KEY element in realizing your desires.

To not have a finished copy for so long has not. been. fun. And my life is all about keeping it real and having FUN!

I already know Who I am and How I’m going to get there, the final piece that got much-needed clarity is Where I’m going. How I ever thought I could get all the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, colors (yes, that’s a different descriptive than sight) and taste, not to mention my BIG ideas down on one page I’ll never know.

Oh my gosh! I have an amazing life!

Yup, that was my first thought. lol. Second thought was – NOW I know exactly where I’m going and I CAN DO THIS! If I can imagine it, dream it, wish it, desire it then by the Laws of the Universe I can absolutely achieve it.

My inspiration to finally complete my Vision Day came from listening to the book (I LOVE Audible!) Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power by Bob Doyle (Stay tuned for the book review) on the 4 hr drive each way to and from So Cal for a dog show the other weekend, just me and my boy Ian. Fun times! I knew a new month was coming up and I was ready to do something different, to make a change. Talk about perfect timing and next step in my journey.

I decided that I would let go of the belief that it needed to be a one page statement that could fit into my day planner. Yes, I know I’m supposed to see it and read it every day and I will, it’ll just take a few page turns. 🙂 I’m sure typing it up will consolidate the # of pages. By page 9 I was definitely starting to print bigger and sloppier. 🙂

Me? Meditate?!

Absolutely! Now that I have a clear vision to meditate ON it is the next logical step. I am excited to begin, which is also a shift in a long-held belief.

I credit EHT with the FOCUS to get me thru this project along with a little grit, determination and sheer stubbornness. Oh! And of course what made it all work, that magical ingredient, the spice of life – IMAGINATION. The ability to dream. That I credit to leaving the Corporate World, Nerium finding me courtesy of my husband, going on this fantastic journey of personal development and living life of Joy and Happiness!

If YOU haven’t written your Vision Day yet I challenge you to stop waiting and get ‘er done!


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