What's up with Holey Jeans?

I guess some people, maybe most LOL, call them ripped jeans but I've always considered them holey. Growing up I loved to get a new pair of fresh, bright jeans WITHOUT holes. I'm still not onboard with this trend that apparently has now become mainstream. I wear them begrudgingly and it drives me crazy that they put the holes around the knees, like does no one ever kneel down and make the hole BIGGER?! Sheesh.

On to the topic at hand! 😜

I’m home and wearing Holey Jeans!

Not a fan of jeans with holes 🕳 (haha, love this emoji that popped up) but it’s rather difficult to find a pair without holes nowadays. What’s your take on holes, are you for or against them? 

That being said, I’m celebrating that I work for myself, have no dress code and it’s warm enough back here at home to be able to wear holey jeans! 🥳😃

I just returned from a FANTASTIC Canadian 🇨🇦 holiday with my honey, in this our anniversary month, but my legs FROZE in jeans, even my only long length pair without holes. 

Side note….I think I will start calling him “my husband” when referring to him in public. He’s always been “my honey” to me but I believe #marriedliferocks so I’m going to make sure everyone knows he’s my partner, best friend, other half and HUSBAND of 19 years! 💍

We braved crazy temps, saw incredible views, ate TONS of yummy food and I came home weighing 1/2 lb lighter .😎

•More blogs and pics to come!

Time to start planning our next trip! Where shall we go….? 😉🌍🗺 What favorite location or trip have YOU taken? Please share and give me some ideas! 

Looking for a way to work from home, travel and have more time for what matters most? 

These 45 seconds below sum up what has given me the freedom and health to live the life I do. If you’d like to know more, comment below or private message me, I’m happy to share! 


  1. Can’t be doing with hokey jeans! Don’t own any and won’t own any.

    • Sorry, my autocorrect was obviously happier with hokey than holey. ?

      • I had the same problem! Thought I was spelling holey wrong. lol

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