It was the day after our second wedding anniversary and I was ruing the day we decided to get married 2/2/2000.

16 years ago on February 3rd, 2016 was the first ever Super Bowl held the first Sunday in February, instead of the last weekend in January as per the entire history of the NFL.

I grew up a Hockey NHL fan, not an NFL, NBA or MLB fan. Detroit Red Wings, ahhhhh, now that is a sport of skill, and made up of a league and team of players that have integrity, a work ethic and code of conduct in the media.

My husband, while ALSO a Wings fan ??? was a huge 49er and Steve Young fan and even had a 2nd team, the Cleveland Browns. That was okay as there were in different divisions. ? When his teams weren’t on there was always another game to watch. Or draft to focus on or sports commentators to listen to or early season or Pro Bowl or….seemed like the list was never ending. It’s a year long love affair.

Me, I wanted no part of the beer drinking crowd, hanging out in bars or the “friendly” competition between friends. I didn’t even drink beer, tasted gross then and that hasn’t changed.

That was the case the first 2 years of our marriage. What did change was I became a Patriots fan. ? Yup.

What changed? They moved the Super Bowl to our anniversary weekend. ?‍♀️ Would I ever have another anniversary without the Super Bowl interfering? How many anniversaries would actually be ON the Super Bowl tainting “Our Day”? ? Oh, what to do?

Seriously though, it was a decision made for the good of my marriage. I could either let football alienate us, creating schedule conflicts, spending too much time apart with our own friends and always being annoyed with the all time football took him away from me….or….I could join him, learn to enjoy the sport and make our time together fun.

So then came the need to pick a team, I couldn’t just blindly follow my husbands team(s), it had to be a real pick. A fan doesn’t support their team by default. LOL.

I picked the Patriots because of Bill Belichick, his I don’t care attitude, his football smarts, how he always did it his way, that he had players working both sides, offense and defense and when the Patriots were introduced at Super Bowl XXXVI and came onto the field as a complete unit, a TEAM, that sealed the deal for me.

Now 16 years later here they are in another Super Bowl on my anniversary weekend and I spent the day shopping for healthy snacks, making homemade hummus and getting set for a viewing party at home for the 2 of us. It’s romantic believe it or not and fun too. I’m excited for kickoff!

And while I’m still a die hard Red Wings ? fan, I’ve loved all of the memories created over 16 years of football shared with my husband. I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Hanging out in bars, with a beer drinking crowd is fun. Bars do serve more than beer. Lol. And the special Football ? Drink and Food menus have always been a hit. ?

The choices you make for the right reasons ?? ? don’t have to make you miserable. Choose your mindset and perspective. Choose Joie and you will always be a winner.


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