Unexpectedly is one of the best ways for JOIE to show up in your life. Yet, how do you control “unexpected” joy?

Great question. The simple answer is – you make space for it.

You choose to allow it in. Yup, it really IS a choice.

Queue the backstory…..

I’ve been married for 18 years now and even just a couple years ago had you asked me to envision my life today, I would be nowhere close. How do you imagine what you’ve never known? Watching other people who have gone before you can help but so many of the changes have been in my head, unseen. I’ve chosen a path of self care, learning and growth. I’ve explored new ideas, opened up to the “wooo wooo”, questioned the system and whoever ‘they’ are. I mean for real, who has ever met Them? Yet, we live our lives by the facts They tell us. Yes, there are loads of people who are much smarter than me and have incredible amounts of knowledge and still I will say that nobody has my best interests at heart more than me.

It’s okay to ask questions, it’s okay to learn from them, it’s okay to say no, that doesn’t work for me and it’s definitely okay to try something new you’ve learned and see what happens.

How does that definition of Wisdom go? Something like this:

Knowledge is only potential power; it must be experienced and lived to really become part of you.

This #workfromhomedogmom blog series will be about me intentionally sharing my joie as this path I am on is making space for more of it to show up in my life. It can show up in yours too! I hope that my stories will inspire you to take a look around in your life and see simple ways that you too can make space for unexpected joie.

*Are you ready for it?!

Here’s today’s story….

My honey (and yes that’s how his contact name is in my phone too πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ) texted me and said he would be working late, picked up 6.5 hours of overtime for our family, the babies 🐢 🐢🐢🐢 and me. I was sad it would be more hours without him, happy it was overtime as OMG, how can you not love being paid 50% more for doing the same job? It would also give me more focused time to work on logging my business receipts so I can get the taxes in on time. Fingers crossed for another huge refund! My heart was also filled with love that he would do this for us. I asked him to let me know if he needed more food and I’d take a break and bring him dinner. He said yes. I put a reminder in my phone and continued about my day.

When the alarm jingled I got to work. I got him another helping of the huge salad I’d made that morning for our lunches. I picked romaine leaves from my garden and made lettuce wraps with the leftover walnut patΓ©. For desert I pulled out 2 frozen chocolate banana bites and some chopped frozen mango, that I have to keep hidden from him. 😜  Plus an extra banana, 1 EHT pill and 1 Youth Factor packet to keep his energy up and brain working so he stayed safe at work AND the drive home. I put it all in a simple cloth bag I love as it has good memories and was a gift from a friend.

I drove to the airport, all the while filled with so much Joie! I could’ve said nothing and let him go up to buy some food in the airport terminal. I could’ve grumbled about the 75 minutes the drive would take round trip. I could’ve grabbed a salad and the coat he asked for and left it at that.

Instead I made space for Joie to show up.

The unexpected surprise of it showing up was simply the best feeling!

I loved spending the time intentionally putting a meal together for him with love. I love how easy it is now to eat Raw, healthy food. I loved my drive there thinking about how cool it was going to be for my honey in front of the other guys; he has a wife who makes him dinner and hand delivers it to him. How lucky I am to be that wife! How many other wives are out at their own offices working, unable to leave their jobs? How many other wives simply don’t take the time to make the space?

It’s a choice. I choose joy!

I took the back way my honey tells me he takes to avoid the freeway traffic for the drive home. (Nope, I’m not telling so don’t even ask! lol) I only saw him for 30 seconds but it didn’t matter, I wanted the whole moment to freeze. I wanted time to stand still while I sat in that moment of joie. It felt like a real thing, this joie.

If not for being a #workfromhomedogmom this would not have been possible. I remember what my life was like back when I worked in the Corporate World. (feels like it should be capitalized, it’s such a massive entity!) Talk about feeling full of gratitude that I was able to do this simple thing.

Shortly after arriving home he texts me and says “thank you for all the food ❀️”. That just added on another layer to my feeling good. 😊 Trust me, I captured this moment in my head and marked it “do not delete”. Ever do that? I believe it really does work. Blogging about it here helps too.

When your moment arises and you have a choice to make – choose LOVE. You will never go wrong. It’s the simple little daily opportunities that sneak up on you, that allow joie in, unexpectedly and yet….you had planned for it all along. πŸ˜ŠπŸ€“

The next time you experience a beautiful moment of unexpected joie I hope you’ll come back to this post and tell me about it. Put the “do not delete” seal on your memory by encapsulating it into words and sending it out into the ether of the world wide web.

Till next time…

Always Choose Joie!

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