2 years ago today I had just returned from a Barn Hunt extravaganza trip up to Reno, NV with my oldest boy Nicklas who got himself his Senior πŸ₯³πŸŒŸπŸ˜ƒ AND Crazy 8’s Bronze titles. Wow! What a incredible ride!

I had just started my 87 Day Adventure and everything was uncharted territory. So of course a road trip far from home, with a cooler of healthier food and a hotel stay in an unfamiliar city was in order. Lol.

This is what food on Day 3 looks like when it’s late at night, you’re starving, you need energy to keep driving and even if you wanted to stop and eat at a restaurant there was nowhere to go.

A salad taste sensation. πŸ™‚

The transition had begun!

The biggest challenge, right out of the starting gate, was Sugar. Surprised that I didn’t say Meat?

Meat was obvious and easy to not select it to eat. I mean, it was easy to avoid in that its kind of hard to eat a cheeseburger and not know you’re eating meat. Haha. This was before I knew of the crazy, way too real, Beyond Burger.

The other item I was eliminating was white/wheat processed flours. Bread is bread, pastries and pizza look like what they are too so I could ‘see’ to not choose items made out of flour.

Sugar, on the other hand, is sneaky. It’s added to EVERYTHING! A jar, box, can, package, bag, processed foods, salad dressing, sauces, broths… you get the idea. To be clear, I mean the added kind of sugar, not the naturally occurring, delicious and important fuel for you body type of sugar found in oranges, honey or grapes. Avoiding this kind of sugar and ALL it’s numerous forms was giving me some trouble.

I was in no way ready to stop eating out or make every single meal / ingredient from scratch.

What’d I do?

I started reading labels and let me tell you was it ever like going on a treasure hunt. When I found gold, a store bought item without added sugar, it was real cause for celebration!

Here’s a peak into a time when I found gold, shortly after returning from Barn Hunting in Reno. πŸ˜ƒ

“Day 8 update:

Wiped out today recovering from my road trip but I’m super happy to have completed my first travel of my 87 day eating adventure. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ƒ

I scored two finds today I’m excited about! Whole Foods’s no sugar added Sriracha Sauce (for tomorrow’s zucchini recipe) and Costco’s no sugar added marinara sauce, which tastes great by the way. πŸ˜‰ I had it for dinner with edamame noodles, which aren’t my favorite but….they’ll do.

It’s a great thing when all the ingredients on the label are recognizable, pronounceable and actual whole foods and spices!!”

β€’Ok, side note…I’ll never eat edamame noodles again! They are way beyond ‘not my favorite’ and I actually eventually ended up disposing of the rest of that massive box of them I’d gotten from Costco. Which was something else I learned on this journey – there’s only so much food you can eat in a day, so make it count.

When’s the last time you read the label on a jar of marinara sauce? Or any label for that matter.

I challenge you to start reading labels! Make a choice for your health and buy the jar of spaghetti sauce that has only 6 ingredients in it, all pronounceable whole foods and tomatoes need to be right there at the top.

Tomatoes do have naturally occurring sugar, so you can ignore the chart showing the list of %’s by nutrient. Look further down at the actual list of ingredients – (the most important section on the entire label!) anything listed there is considered “added sugar” and is what you want to avoid.

Sprouts Market does also have an organic jar of marinara sauce that fits this criteria, mixed in among the 30 or so varieties 😲 they also have with sugar. Yup, I stood there one day and read them all. Ugh! On the bright side, I only had to do it once.

Not sure about Trader Joe’s. πŸ€” If you find one, take a picture and post it in a comment!

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