I’ve discovered a new appreciation for the hours I spend blissfully asleep.

Magic is going on whilst I’m surrounded by dogs trying to hang onto my square inch of bed and scrap of covers. LOL

I now wake up to amazing scents in the air and scrumptious food ready to eat. ☺️

Check this out…

The dehydrator is an incredible tool for creating crunch, texture, breads, sautéed foods, crepes, pizza crusts and so much more! All while keeping the foods raw & alive, thus preserving all of the nutrients and enzymes. Simply by using the temperature knob to ensure the food temp never rises above 118°. Well, that and being patient.

The down side, as I used to call it, was that food takes longer to “cook” than in a microwave or even longer still than an oven. Dehydrated almonds are an extreme case but they take almost 3 DAYS to get the perfect crunch, or what is commonly know as “roasted”, by far how the majority of almonds are sold in stores.

Side note- mine taste Waaaaaaay better!😉

On the other hand a pizza crust or crackers might take only 10-12 hours.

The challenge this creates is when making dinner, you can’t decide at 5pm that you want a raw pizza or crackers for your guacamole. You could get started making dinner at 6am but OMG, who on earth wants to do that, right?!

The other common kitchen technique used when eating Raw & Living foods is Soaking. That too requires time. Seeds, nuts, grains and beans need to soak anywhere from 2 – 12 hours. When you start soaking at 8am, there’s nothing else you can do but wait. 🤦🏼‍♀️

The secret I’ve found is in those bewitching hours of darkness. 8 hours spent waiting during the day for your food to be ready can seem like an eternity and yet at night, 8 hours blow right by in the blink of an eye.

Arriving home after vacation and completely inspired by all of the incredible food we ate in Canada 🇨🇦 (Vancouver BC, Calgary/Canmore/Banff, Alberta), the 3rd thing I do upon arriving home after 1. greeting the dogs and 2. putting on my PJs was to 3. get things soaking! Kerwin LOVES hummus with crackers and he even got me liking it while on our travels so I wanted to make some of my famous Flax Crackers and find a good Raw Hummus recipe. Both items take soaking AND dehydrating time. I also put 2 Tbl of broccoli seeds in a jar to soak so they can then start growing into Sprouts. Plus, put some Almonds to soaking for milk and other random recipes. 5 minutes and I was done!

The morning comes and I wake up to the garbanzo beans now being magically ready to rinse and start sprouting. The beans went from rock hard to plump and soft-er after a night of magical soaking. All I do now is rinse and drain so they can hang out and sprout.

That evening I quickly whip up the Flax Crackers, spread the super sticky “dough” or, as I like to call it, goop out on dehydrator trays and pop them in for baking. The delicious smell of garlic and ginger wafts through the air as I head to bed. What a fabulous scent to greet me in the morning!

And warm, crunchy crackers ready to eat!

But so far, the BEST scent of ALL TIME is that of Onion Bread baking. O M G! It’s mouthwateringly delicious. All you do is whip up 5 ingredients, spread it out on dehydrator sheets, set the temp to 105° and get ready for your nose to be intoxicated by the aroma as you go to bed. The joyful moment of waking up and taking your first conscious breath of air, being reminded of what is waiting for you to pull out and eat is simply put – MAGIC. 💫

It’s funny how things change when you change your perspective. Now I get so excited to set out bowls of soaking nuts and seeds or stay up late so I can pop something in the dehydrator. Before this discovery I would do it in the morning and it was no fun to start my day ‘cooking’. I’d get frustrated over how long things took and I’d be hungry from the lack of planning.

Now I love 💖 the nights and it’s become my mission to take full advantage of those magical hours and always have raw foods in process.

Stay tuned for the recipe and video on how to make Raw Flax Crackers! Trust me, you want this see this recipe first hand. You’ve never had any cracker this good, raw or not.

In preparation for it, if you don’t already have a dehydrator, you can get one here. This is by far the best bang for your buck, no fancy stainless steel or timers needed. It will last pretty much forever.

Teflex sheets are what you put on the trays for wet ingredients, like crackers and breads. These will also last forever, as long as you use butter knives for scoring, not steak knives. Ask me how I know. Lol. But the sheet still works!

Flax crackers are usually cheapest in the Bulk Foods section at healthy, natural grocery stores, like Sprouts or Whole Foods. Or packaged in stores like Natural Grocers. Make sure they are organic. You’ll see them in the standard variety, which is dark brown in color, or the golden variety. I like to use a mix of both.

In the meantime, you are welcome to join my FB group Joy, Wellness and Women. Creating a Vibrant Life You Love! for more healthy joyfulness!


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