Somebodies love their pre/probiotic powder. ?

Any guesses who this ⬆️ is? ?

Nicklas has been worrying me recently with his tummy upsets, gas and grumblings. Not too long ago I took him in for an x-Ray as I was concerned he might have a blockage from the abdominal pain and distress he was in. Thankfully it wasn’t and best we could determine he picked up a bug that was stressing out his system. Some homeopathic remedies and he was good. ?

Gordon Setters being a deep chested breed, my first concern if they are distressed or have gas is, is it bloat. Nicklas did have emergency bloat surgery a year ago and his stomach is now tacked which can help save his life if he experiences bloat again however, it’s not foolproof and you don’t want them to have bloat in the first place.

Nicklas is almost 9 years old and except for this last year has eaten a kibble diet his whole life, although the healthiest (most expensive too) I could find. I know there is healing work in his body that needs to be done.

All that being said, I wanted to support his digestion naturally. He’s my leading indicator in the pack. I affectionately call him my drama boy. A mosquito buzzing around Ian is like a wasp attack for Nicklas. I’m sure some can relate. ? And yet being as Nicklas quickly tells me of problems, concerns, needs and wants I knew he was telling me what the others haven’t been able to. Or may not even be experiencing yet but if left unchecked would be soon.

So I started giving one of my pre & probiotic powder packets to the 4 of them daily. You know I love my dogs if I share my most loved supplement with them! ??

Nicklas gets the most, Ian and Larkin about the same and Elly the last bit. I don’t measure, I just lift up a big cheek and pour some in. They love it but it’s still new so they don’t exactly know how to take it from me since I won’t let them chew on the packet LOL. They are starting to come over when they see the packet coming their way and start licking the air. I pour it on their tongue as best I can ??‍♀️, some hits their nose, face and mouth but they happily clean it up. ? One day I’d love it if they would sit and hold their mouths open. Not sure how to teach them that. ??‍♀️ I’m open for suggestions!

They all love the flavor though, can you tell? ?

Elly is being her usual slippery camera shy self but she likes it too.

Nicklas digestive rumblings and tummy upsets have gone away and everyone’s ? is looking great ! Happy dogs, happy life indeed. ???

Yes, it’s a human pre/probiotic supplement but dogs need probiotics just like people and I trust the ingredients and efficacy of this brand I’m taking as I’ve seen and felt what it’s done for me and know how the products from this company are manufactured. Plus, I’ve never had any noticeable results with other probiotics I’ve taken myself or given to the dogs.

Don’t the pet stores and online dog supply sites have probiotics ‘especially for dogs’? Sure. Companies will make and market whatever products that people who love their dogs will buy.

I don’t buy products based on marketing tactics. The label on the front of the package isn’t important; the ingredients listed on the back are and the quality of them. Pet specific supplements are often drastically marked up, the quality is reduced, labels aren’t clear and there is little to no oversight on the overall production, packaging and distribution. I want the best health for my dogs, as I’m sure you do too, and I know that NOBODY is looking out for them like me.

*Side note, when Nicklas was on heart medicine the vet referred me to an out of state pharmacy to order the human version of the pills for him as the price was at least 4 times less and it was the exact same drug. That’s marketing for you. ?

Worried about dosage? Ask your vet for guidance on a starting point, go slow and see how they do (aka watch their ?). Each dogs metabolism and sensitivity is different. Their age can be a factor too.

Did you know that approximately 75% of our immune system is in our gut? Perhaps the % are different for dogs but if helping their tummies helps them stay happier, healthier and live longer lives…I am ALL for it! Seeing my dogs thrive makes me happier too!

Here’s info on the magical powder the whole family is taking: Prolistic™ Pre & Probiotic Plus Vitamins

Hmm, do I need to state here I’m not a vet and these are my opinions…? If so, consider it said ?with my best wishes for vibrant health for your dogs AND you! ??

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