? % Raw & Living foods challenge…Day 14 of 30.

I made it through 7 days on the road with a cooler packed full of fruits, veggies and nuts. I wasn’t expecting to be able to find Raw restaurants along my route in New Mexico and Texas and I wanted to be sure I would NEVER be hungry. It worked ? and I even brought home LOADS of food. I did buy 1 solo item at Sprouts – Ezekiel bread, as I was dying to make this basil pesto, tomato, lettuce sandwich, (YUM!) only to realize later it’s not Raw. Sprouted yes, but then it’s baked at over 200° which kills it. So sad. ?

Otherwise, I spent $0 on food and no time in restaurants or shopping for groceries. What a money saver! More importantly was the TIME; to watch the sunrise ?, to take long walks with the dogs, to go exploring, to sleep, to just slow down and breathe. I truly loved the simplicity.

So now it’s 7 days later…how’s it going? Listen in!


Doesn’t it just make your mouth water to look at it?


Check out Herbs by Diane on Facebook to see what she’s currently growing and where to find her to snag some of her amazing produce, sprouts, micro-greens, edible flowers, spices, soaps and more!

If you’re up for some exploring and Joie then take a drive down to Boulder City and ask for a Free Tour of the gardens!

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