Woke up feeling much better today! After a pit-stop in the bathroom I remembered my 1 Minute Challenge and sat back down on the edge of the bed to focus on how I’ll FEEL after having accomplished my goals this month.

I got a lot done in the morning but as the day started to tick by I was feeling anxious as I hadn’t completed my “office hours” yet and my husband would be home in only 2 hours. So I sat down at my desk, opened my planner and simply started. 2 hours flew by, wow! My honey walks in the door and I am super excited to give myself a ✅.

As part of this 28 Day Detox I’m to drink 2-3 glasses of Rejuvelac a day. Ever heard of it? Learning this cleanse involved Rejuvelac made me very curious but a little leary at the same time. Drink it straight??? I only knew of using it to make raw nut based cheeses, to give them that sharp “cheesy” taste.

Rejuvelac is made from soaking wheat berries for 24-48 hours, draining/rinsing them and letting them sprout for a day or so. Once they have sprouted you add fresh water to the berries and let the jar sit at room temp to ferment for 48 hours. That yeasty, bubbly water is Rejuvelac. You can reuse the berries 2 more times and then put them out for the birds.

Which I did. I actually fixed the cute bird feeder that has been broken for months, the Northern Mocking birds at our last home didn’t like it so what was the rush, and hung it in my garden.

I love how it looks! ?(although no visitors yet…maybe it’s not bird approved?)

Anyway, a few days ago I had the first batch of Rejuvelac ready. This is what is looks like when the ‘water’ is ready to be drained off the wheat berries. Would YOU want to drink it? ?

After pouring a glass, I held my breath and took a sip, expecting to gag on the taste. Nothing happened…?…I didn’t die….Imagine that. ?LOL. It tastes a little yeasty but it’s not gross at all. I can totally handle drinking this for a month. Yipppeee!

Today I had the brilliant?to try drinking Rejuvelac with Youth Factor. Of course it tasted amazing, it’s Youth Factor! ? Now I know how I’ll be drinking it this month, woohooo! Bottoms up!

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