A fantastic, out of this world adventure is coming to a close and as we hang out of the kitchen window (our favorite place in the apartment)….

looking over our corner of the neighborhood in Rome I think….

~These are the windows that were all open on Saturday night letting us listen and watch the party.

~These are the trash cans that get emptied at midnight.

~These are the steps we watched the same girl sit on late every night. And the corner the nuns came around to enter the door those steps lead up to.

~These are the balconies we never saw anyone out on. What a shame.

~This is the spot where the group of guys hanging out last night left their trash that was magically gone in the morning. Nice work, pigeon! ??

~These are the cars that park wherever they want and don’t get towed.

~These are the scooters that are everywhere and have the easiest time of parking. We would count how many have alarm systems. ?

~This is the statue that was on our landing, the only one in the building.

~This is the elevator that only fit 2 people with bags or 4 skinny people shoulder to shoulder.

~This is the apparently unused park that we never did figure out what or who it was for.

Can anyone translate the sign?

~This is the street we stayed on. Love the neighborhood!

We don’t say “good-bye” as we’ll definitely be back to see you again soon, Italy ??!


If you want the hookup on where we stayed, drop me a note and I ‘may’ just share it with you. ??? We were in the heart of Ancient Rome, close to the subway, bus stops, grocery stores, restaurants, the delicious Raw chocolate shop and yet away from the main drags and mass of tourists. Absolutely perfect.

Only other place in Rome we’d consider staying is in the Jewish Ghetto. Stay tuned for a post on our visit to that neighborhood of Rome.

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  1. Great photos, Tiffany. You seem to have made the absolute most of your time in Italy, and got yourselves into the heart of it all. Well done!

    • Thanks! We really did have a fabulous time. Loved our “Room with a View”. ? Feels like we barely scratched the surface of what is Italy.
      It’s the same everywhere we go. A couple years ago we went to Alaska on a cruise and we saw and experienced sooo much it was incredible and yet, looking at a map we saw maybe 2% of the state. Lol.

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