Night of the Super Moon

Here is what the breakfast I made looked like “before” I decided to made a moment of it and enjoy some Self Care Sunday time.

Doesn’t the “after” look much nicer? It was fun to make it a little fancy and only took 2 extra minutes, maybe 3 while I hunted for where I left the tray. Lol

I enjoyed every sip and bite while watching the latest episode of a TV series I’m watching – Designated Survivor. ?


Later, while out for lunch with a friend, I had a Caesar Salad with a boost powder in my water. It was a lovely afternoon! Side note…writing off your fun is the icing on the cake! It is now my goal to have more lunch dates in the future with other wonderful women.


I was heading out to walk Ian, just as Kerwin came home from work. I was in a hurry to beat the quickly approaching dark as the sun had just set. A daily dog walk is part of my 3 for 30 Challenge this month and I couldn’t miss it!

Kerwin tells me its a Super Moon tonight and the largest we’ll see for the next 16 years. We watched from the driveway and then a bit later headed out to The Strip as everything is more fun there. lol

No Bellagio Fountains, our favorite, as the wind was seriously GUSTING. It was a fun adventure being out, enjoying the night lights, the breeze and finally some cooler weather so I could put on my Red Wings jacket and my cherished ?scarf from Ushuaia, the World’s End. ?

Dinner was at Cheesecake Factory (no we didn’t eat any cheesecakes) where we were seated at a table in the ‘indoor’ patio, as in common in Las Vegas casinos. We had an entertaining view.

Our meal was a loaded veggie salad with pomegranate vinaigrette dressing that we shared. Not your standard salad, it had very interesting flavors- but yummy.

We’ll be back another time for the Lettuce Chicken Wraps Mexican style, without the chicken and add extra avocado. ?

Talk about an “after dinner walk”, we had a 2+ mile stroll to get back to where the truck was parked.

Note to tourists: distances appear closer than they are due the enormity of the landscape and the return walk is always longer. ?

No Digestive Enzymes with dinner. ?

No Detox Clay drink before bed…too tired??

December Detox Day 1


The next adventure has begun. ?


I finished off the day with a dinner salad of fresh greens picked from the garden. Talk about Farm to Table! ? I added some sliced radishes, red bell pepper and red onions.

Don’t these greens just look amazing?!

Topped with the most amazing Caesar Dressing I have ever made, and it was Raw too! Super yummy!

Desert was a spoonful of Kerwin’s Almond Butter Balls, my new and improved recipe. If he’d eat them faster I wouldn’t have to. lol

For more details on what I’m doing you can check out this book that I stumbled across at the library:

I tasted Rejuvelac and I didn’t die!

Woke up feeling much better today! After a pit-stop in the bathroom I remembered my 1 Minute Challenge and sat back down on the edge of the bed to focus on how I’ll FEEL after having accomplished my goals this month.

I got a lot done in the morning but as the day started to tick by I was feeling anxious as I hadn’t completed my “office hours” yet and my husband would be home in only 2 hours. So I sat down at my desk, opened my planner and simply started. 2 hours flew by, wow! My honey walks in the door and I am super excited to give myself a ✅.

As part of this 28 Day Detox I’m to drink 2-3 glasses of Rejuvelac a day. Ever heard of it? Learning this cleanse involved Rejuvelac made me very curious but a little leary at the same time. Drink it straight??? I only knew of using it to make raw nut based cheeses, to give them that sharp “cheesy” taste.

Rejuvelac is made from soaking wheat berries for 24-48 hours, draining/rinsing them and letting them sprout for a day or so. Once they have sprouted you add fresh water to the berries and let the jar sit at room temp to ferment for 48 hours. That yeasty, bubbly water is Rejuvelac. You can reuse the berries 2 more times and then put them out for the birds.

Which I did. I actually fixed the cute bird feeder that has been broken for months, the Northern Mocking birds at our last home didn’t like it so what was the rush, and hung it in my garden.

I love how it looks! ?(although no visitors yet…maybe it’s not bird approved?)

Anyway, a few days ago I had the first batch of Rejuvelac ready. This is what is looks like when the ‘water’ is ready to be drained off the wheat berries. Would YOU want to drink it? ?

After pouring a glass, I held my breath and took a sip, expecting to gag on the taste. Nothing happened…?…I didn’t die….Imagine that. ?LOL. It tastes a little yeasty but it’s not gross at all. I can totally handle drinking this for a month. Yipppeee!

Today I had the brilliant?to try drinking Rejuvelac with Youth Factor. Of course it tasted amazing, it’s Youth Factor! ? Now I know how I’ll be drinking it this month, woohooo! Bottoms up!