2,668 miles over 7 days with 2 dogs and a rented mini van. Memories were created and moments of life, laughter and love experienced.

The trip began without a thought or a plan months earlier as Nicklas & Ian simply continued their run in Barn Hunting.  I was blown away when Nicklas sailed thru getting his Senior title and became the 1st Gordon Setter to achieve the title. (link to video post) That made him eligible for the Barn Hunt Nationals – holy cow! Thus the whisper of a dream for Nicklas to be the 1st Gordon at the Nationals was born. Nicklas has taught me the power of living in the moment, tomorrow and next year are not guaranteed so these 2017 Nationals were an opportunity for him not to be missed. Ian reaching his Open title and killing it in Crazy 8’s was able to come as the 2nd Gordon ever, when they opened up the title qualifications for competing in the Nationals. How cool!


T ravel – aaahhh, one of my favorite things to do. it’s okay to travel alone, if you wait for someone to go with you how many moments will you miss?

T ime – slowing down to enjoy the peace and beauty of a sunrise. walking the dogs and listening to the silence. hours spent without a phone or watch grooming my dogs while 3 neighbor kids, ages 3 to 6, helped.

T ransportation – minivan will be my next dog mobile! Super fun for travel, easy to pull over and nap along the way, dogs are close by and happy, and it handles pretty zippy compared to my own truck. Fast speeds on i40 make for a smooth ride. Fast speed limits throughout Texas make getting around fun – 60mph down a dark 2 lane “Farm to Market” country road. seriously, why do we need street lights?? headlights and high-beams are perfect and save so much energy.

T houghts – country life….wow. no noise pollution, friendly neighbors, dogs that are the epitome of “chill”. Grateful for my body being fit enough to jog down the dead end tree lined road (picture), no ear buds, no music, just the sound of my running sneakers hitting the black top and a panting dog – Priceless. Moments are precious, cherish them. Would be difficult to eat out Raw in North Texas – might just need to be the one to open the first Raw restaurant. 🙂

T empted – to move to Texas! to eat BBQ meat.

T ourist – explore. listen to your heart. so what if it’s silly, standing there taking pictures of burros as traffic goes by, the dad, mom and baby I was blessed to pet was worth it. what is the rush? stop and smell the roses, take pictures.

T hankful – $$ that allowed me to go. a husband who supported my dream, held down the fort and took care of Elly & Larkin. personal freedom. no day job. freedoms I have in this country. the amazing Country Cottage Getaway that was my home away from home for 4 wonderful days. happy dogs. buying a new Flexi. healthy to hold up on the 2 day cross country road trip. new experiences. beauty around me in this gorgeous country. safe travels with a durable vehicle.

T is for Texas and an unforgettable Trip!!

Enjoy these moments….

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