Ignoring the dusty fingerprints on the shutters and the window that needs to be cleaned :’) THIS image brings me joy.

This is the window I look out of every morning as I sit in the library reading and journaling. This photo in particular was shot while I was at the computer desk; a blurry movement out of the corner of my eye had me turning my head to see the warm yellow fading sunlight glinting off of his gorgeous iridescent feathers.

Every once in a while this feeder falls off the window, the glass never breaks thankfully, and if I don’t notice it right away I’ll get random fly by’s from the resident hummers letting me know about it. lol. 

I always take a moment to stop to watch them feed and it always makes me smile. 

Keep an eye out for the little things around you and slow down long enough to BE in the moment and soak it all up.💜

Looking through shutter slats at a hummingbird sitting on a feeder that is suction cupped to a window.

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